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Voice Mail/ Auto-attendant

Voice mail/ Auto-attendant system, when attached to a PABX, will automatically greet and prompt the caller to choose the desired extension from the menu given. Moreover, it provides the facility for the caller to leave a short message in the extension mailbox if the call is un-answered.

ATEN represents Watstelecom-Office messenger range of Voicemail solutions that includes cost effective 2 port Voice mail for small offices to 4/ 8 port systems for medium sized offices. ATEN also offers Server based solutions for large office PABXs.

Call Recording Solution

Call recording solution provides the facility to record all conversations done through a PABX in a server/ PC with provision for easy retrieval of the recorded conversation. It is an ideal solution for companies who carry out their business primarily over telephone.

ATEN offers Watstelecom - Aculog 2000 solution for reliable call recording and easy retrieval for medium sized PABXs with up to 64 trunk lines. It is an ideal and secure solution for Insurance firms, Hospitals, Stock Brokers, Wholesale merchants, Diamond dealers, Finance deal rooms etc.

Call Monitoring / Accounting Software

This software based solution will monitor and account for each call made from and to a telephone extension of a PABX with a provision for creating periodic call reports.

ATEN represents Watstelecom - Phoenix 2000, a trust worthy software solution for call accounting, that supports unlimited number of extensions.

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